I said who I am and what I do, but like any self-respecting personal website, I decided to speak of my interests, which are many (perhaps too many), and it is tiring, at times, to keep up with everyone.

However, to complete the profile, we can say that I love the technology and computer science (my primary field of interest thanks to academic studies and work experience), which is a very large branch of my work and it is also my main income source.

Thanks to the agency to I work, I approached the issues of the Internal Audit and Information Security. Both subjects are relatively young but have their roots in ancient times, in fact, control processes and activities, as well as the need to protect information, are aspects that were already in Roman times. For example, the audit term from Latin audire (listen) was a term already used among the Romans (as stated in the Digest) (Court of Justice was called auditorium). For the security of the information we can take the example of the Caesar cipher, which was used to carry codified messages from one part o another of the kingdom.

In essence yesterday than today we have not changed the needs but technologies, consequently also the manner in which to address these aspects. However in the site there will be some sections related to the aspects of the governance, control and management of information security.

Any good computer engineer has certainly met process analysis and their modeling, just to build a flow chart or a small software.

Processes model is a subject very interesting  and understand their evolution once instantiated (not only schematic) is fascinating.

Just at this time I'm following a course on the fundamentals of BPM (Business Process Model) I'm finding it really very informative and interesting.

Another thing that fascinates me is the project management, I think almost everything we do can be eventually equated to a project, except daily and repetitive tasks that can definitely be associated more to a service (in this case we speak service management).

Managing a project means to coordinate different processes such as those to start, and understand its evolution for govern the resources, time and quality, which are all aspects that make it possible to to deal in a proper and reliable all our activities.

In contrast with technology I enjoy being outside, maybe doing gardening chores with simply and practical tools "analog" ....

Finally I train fitness to provide a balance (even if only partially) for the many hours of sitting (we speak of more than 12 hours a day) spent in front of a screen.

There is much more to say, but better not to overdo it!